26 April, 2010

April 2010

Wilderness Safaries 'unfair to Bushmen' - 14 April
Survival International of London has complained to Moneyweb that Wilderness's Lodge in the Kalahari is prejudicial to Bushmen. Christina Chauvent, media spokesperson for Survival International said Wilderness had opened its Kalahari tented camp without the consent of the indigenous people who had been there for thousands of years. - Moneyweb website

  • Kalahari Bushmen's fight for right to water adds to growing anger at Botswana rulers - 6 June
    Africa's oldest inhabitants are on the march. It was announced last week that the Kalahari Bushmen are returning to court in a new battle with the government of Botswana. The ancient tribe claim they are denied access to a water borehole on their land, one of the driest regions on the planet. The Bushmen won a court case in 2006 against their eviction from a game park in the central Kalahari, hailed as a victory for indigenous peoples around the world. Last year the Law Society of South Africa said that human rights lawyers in Botswana were being prevented from seeing their clients. - Guardian website
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    13 December 2006
    Roy Sesana Keiwa Setlhobogwa and Others v The Attorney General
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HI lawmakers vote to limit Obama document requests - 27 April
Hawaii legislators have passed a measure allowing a state agency to ignore repeated requests from a person or organization for President Barack Obama's birth certificate. - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution website