09 November, 2006

Anti-RetroVirals vs Beetroot, Garlic, Lemon and Others. 2006(11)

In the news at the moment :

this morning's decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Appeal relating to the forfeiture to the State of vehicles driven by individuals under the influence of liquor (National Director of Public Prosecutions v Van Staden [2006]SCA 135(RSA). An excerpt from the media statement says "The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) today (Thursday 9 November 2006) decided that a motor vehicle that is driven under the influence of liquor or while the level of alcohol in the driver's blood exceeds the prescribed limit, is liable to be forfeited to the State in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act" ;

the Health Department has been in the spotlight for years, largely because of its policy relating to the treatment of AIDS with ARVs (Anti-RetroVirals vs Beetroot, Garlic, Lemon and Others) ; an article in The Sunday Times of 6 November, "Manto muscled out in palace coup", is being given international coverage this week.