14 June, 2005

Action in the Courts, and it's only Tuesday

In Kern v Minister of Safety and Security, the Constitutional Court handed down a decision on 13 June finding the Minister of Safety and Security liable for the behaviour of three policeman who had raped the applicant. Three factors lead the Court to its decision : the policemen and Minister had a duty to protect members of the public, the applicant had turned to the police for protection, and the "wrongful conduct of the policemen coincided with their failure to perform their duties to protect the applicant".

On the same day, the Cape High Court ruled on a case in which a school teacher used his beliefs as a Christian to justify corporal punishment in school.

On 25 May it was reported that the Port Elizabeth High Court had ruled that vehicles should not be confiscated from motorists accused of driving in an intoxicated state. In a response dated 10 June, the Asset Forfeiture Unit explains why it feels the seizure of these vehicles is justified.

I'd have had to link to this article on the strength of its title alone but the subject is timeous : "Stop your presentation before it kills again!". I'll be speaking at a conference in Pretoria next week and the points it raises caused me to go back and review my outline last night. After experimenting with a number of formats, I have taken to preparing my presentations in html as it makes for much easier navigation, especially in response to questions from the audience, and I find it more interactive and versatile than the more traditional PowerPoint format.


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