13 June, 2005

With a deep breath

Back again and raring to go!

We've finally overcome a number of teething problems with access to our blogspot and can't wait to get going again. The downtime has been profitably used to get up to speed on various developments in this field and I've come across some extremely useful sites in the course of the last few weeks.

Firstly, everyone seems to be looking for a copy of the judgment handed down in the Durban High Court on 31 May 2005 in the matter of S v Shaik. Copies abound on the Internet including this one on the Business Day website. Other interesting links relating to this case are the "Seven bad years for Shabir Shaik", a chronology of developments leading to the guilty verdicts on the IOL site, and "Timeline of the Zuma-Shaik Saga" on the Business Day website.

Another judgment that is attracting interest at the moment is in the matter of The Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope v Andre Nesbitt Berrange ; it relates to the matter of conveyancers alleged to be 'buying' work from third parties, in this case estate agents.

As far as blogging policies are concerned, one site I have bookmarked and will be referring others to is IBM's Blogging policy and guidelines. For anyone who is undecided about which RSS aggregator to use, the law librarians of Southern Illinois have some really useful tips and links at "Current awareness made easy" on the Law Dawg Blawg. "RSS : moving into the mainstream" on the Engineering Information website is another resource I have found useful. Finally, the "RSS Specifications : everything you need to know about rss" site answered most of my questions before I'd had time to formulate them.


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