28 May, 2004

Flying condom fights for family rights

In an effort to ensure compliance, how does a company effectively manage and store a vast amount of e-mail - also taking into account corporate governance requirements? Grant Morgan considers this subject in two articles : Managing e-mail to avoid liability and ensure compliance, and, Overcoming e-mail chaos (E-strategy 2004-05).

Indexing files by looking at their audio features is still a work in progress for big search engines (CNet News 2004-05-27).

South Africa prides itself on having established a democracy that is firmly rooted in a healthy respect for human rights. Yet the rulers of our country have conveniently looked away on at least three occasions when the rights of South African residents or citizens have been in danger of being gravely violated (The Star 2004-05-21. Editorial).

An Indonesian court has sentenced a South African man to death for smuggling heroin. Okonkwo Kingleys was sentenced on Wednesday by the district court in the North Sumatra provincial capital Medan (IOL 2004-05-21).

United Kingdom
Two men were charged with threatening behaviour in connection with the flour-throwing incident during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday. Outlining their motivation for the incident in the House of Commons, one of the men said: "It was never our intention to frighten anybody in the public or in the House. It was to draw attention to the evil family court system and the damage it is doing to our children, parents and grandparents in this country and to make this change happen (Telegraph 2004-05-21).

1 833 motorists took part in the Internet survey on what occupies their thoughts when traffic comes to a standstill - only ten percent think of finding an alternate route (IOL 2004-05-21).

United States
The special commission weighing revisions to the American Bar Association's code of judicial conduct seems to have missed the lesson that Americans don't appreciate it when judges behave in ways that undermine the judicial system's fairness and integrity (New York Times 2004-05-22).


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