15 May, 2004

And so a page is turned

As a group of information workers catering specifically to the legal and information professions, we have experimented with various vehicles to make information accessible quickly and easily to those who need it. More of that on the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society Library's website : http://www.lawlibrary.co.za

News articles have frequently provided details that make the tracing of legal references so much easier, sometimes listing locations or identities that direct researchers to the source of judgments or other authoritative documents.

The choice of name for our blog, Know-Go Zone, is indicative of our aim to provide a one-stop information service to our target audience and anyone else who is interested in legal and IT developments.

With no more ado, to today's links . . .

The rights of foreign spouses are once again in the spotlight in the Cape High Court, this time as an international model seeks to force South Africa to let the father of her child back into the country (Pretoria News 2004-05-14).

A Sandton domestic worker, convicted of arranging a robbery in which her employer was raped and murdered, claimed in the Johannesburg High Court on Friday that she has a split personality (News24 2004-05-15).

A unemployed, destitute woman's R2 000 fine for possession of drugs was on Thursday considered as "clearly beyond her means" by two Pietermaritzburg High Court judges who altered the sentence to a suspended term of imprisonment (Witness 2004-05-14).

United States
On Tuesday Microsoft released into the open-source community a series of pre-existing templates designed to simplify the writing of Windows programs - making it possible for developers to freely modify the templates (CNet News 2004-05-13).

Advanced search features of Longhorn, the next major version of Windows, won't be fully in place until 2009. The technology, called WinFS, is an add-on the Windows file system that Microsoft says will make it easier for users to find data such as documents, e-mail messages and multimedia files, no matter what their format, on local PCs and across the network (CNet News 2004-05-13).


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